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3rd Annual DF Veterans Day

The 3rd Annual DF Veterans Day commemoration will take place this Saturday 10 September 2016 from 1400hrs – 1800hrs in McKee Barracks. This free entry event will be marked by an official ceremonial parade at 1400hrs. There will be a large number of Static Displays displaying the most modern of equipment from the DF along with a large number of old DF vehicles & Vintage military vehicles along with old DF uniforms etc. (The static display stands will be open from 1530hrs – 1800hrs). The event will close at 1800hrs sharp whereby everyone will be required to exit the premises. There will be a half hourly military transport shuttle service laid on from both Bus Aras and Hueston Station from 1130hrs and return transport from McKee Bks to Bus Aras & Hueston after the event. I urge all those coming, to avail of public transport as much as possible and leave the cars at home as parking will be severely limited within the Bks. Parking in the Phoenix park and walking in to the Bks. via the back gate would be highly advisable. Hope to see many of you on the day.

Regards, Comdt. A. Shinnick – OC McKee Bks.



McGee Barracks & the Lock Hospital

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It was originally erected c.1901 to house 1,100 men and 600 horses (6 batteries of Royal Field Artillery). After the establishment of the Irish Free State a new police force was set up in February 1922 and Kildare Barracks became, for a time, the Training Depot for the new Civic Guard. This resulted in the Kildare Mutiny when it appeared that ex-RIC men were being favoured. Michael Collins had to personally intervene to calm things down. The Civic Guard became An Gardaí Siochána in 1923 and the depot returned to Dublin.
The Artillery Corps occupied the barracks in 1925. Magee Barracks, which opened in 1938, was the first military barracks constructed under the Irish Free State and was named after Gunner Magee, one of the rebel heroes of the Battle of Ballinamuck in 1798.
The barracks closed in 1998 and the force moved to the Curragh Camp. Magee was for a time a home to Kosovar refugees but plans for major re-development have failed; it has been heavily vandalised in recent years.

The Lock Hospital

This was located on the north side of Curragh Road/Hospital Street (through the main gates of the later Magee Barracks on the left; the whole site was formerly known as Broadhook Farm). The Hospital was erected by the War Department at a cost of £14,000 for the treatment of contagious diseases; particularly to deal with the problem of the ‘ Curragh Wrens ’, the ‘ fallen women ’ who lived in awful conditions in the furze on the Curragh Plains. These women had been abandoned to their fate by Camp soldiers or, like other prostitutes, had attached themselves to large military encampments like those at the Curragh and Newbridge. Generally they were seen as a scourge in the locality and cruelly treated. The Lock Hospital was administered by the Surgeon from the County Infirmary. It closed in 1887 but gave its name to ‘ Hospital Street. ’ When the Military Barracks was built the buildings were incorporated into the fabric of the Barracks.

Reposted Courtesy of Kildare Footprints (2012)

Annual Race Night

The Association Annual Race Night took place last night Saturday 10th October 2015 in the Garrison NCO’s mess, McKee Barracks.  The Race Night is our centrepiece fundraising event of the calendar year and all the proceeds go directly to charitable causes and to Association members who may need assistance.

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Sgt Pat Green R.I.P.

Today is a very sad day for our Regiment. Today we lost a great friend, colleague and brother, Pat Green. Taken so young from his loving family and friends having fought a valiant fight. Rest in Peace Pat. ‘ Stand Easy’ Sergeant.

(Courtesy of John Herron)Sgt Pat Green

Farewell by Nigel Marcus

2 FARA General Meeting

A General Meeting will take place in the Garrison NCO’s Mess, McKee Barracks on the 02 June 2015 at 1900hrs. A decision will be made on the Church Pennant so please come along and have your say.  The date for the Annual BBQ in the Glen is set for the 15th July and it should be noted that in order for you to attend and be covered by insurance then you must be a fully paid up 2 FARA member.